It's about working with a cloth in the form of T-shirts. Idea was born in 2016 and process is started in 2017. At this time west globalizing idea of humanity realization through consumerism and selling is going now in the Russia too after 69 years of socialism.

Ten years after the crash of Soviet Union in Russia the ideas of "wild" capitalism are spreading and growing in Russia, as local politicians and economic analysts call it, in connection with ultra-rapid development and local characteristics. And in this reality, when all street violence has almost disappeared and the organized criminal groups of the nineties have been modified into businessmen’s, all are mired in creating and copying Western models of self-realization, whether it's street culture or its commercial business. Of course, the rapid changes in circumstances and the subsequent stratification of regimes brought new ideas.

But this global changes in the political and social-economic course has led to the creation of new solutions and modifications in Western models such as the fashion industry having given a fresh twist.

I am giving T-shirts to artists from Russia and Western countries that are not connected with the fashion industry, so that they reconsider cloth, like people who do not work in the fashion industry. And cloth can be a means for their utterances.